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Jičín Airport, Czech Republic [EU]
Callsign: Jičín RADIO
Frequency: 118,080 MHz
AFIS: +420 737 013 013

Information for pilots

Landing fee - plane 50 CZK/each initiated ton
Landing fee - ULL, GLD 30 CZK
Hangaring - plane 1600 CZK/month, 100 CZK/day
Hangaring - ULL, GLD 1200 CZK/month, 100 CZK/day
RADIO service outside operational hours or in English 1000 CZK/day (all-day) or 200 CZK/landing
All prices are inclusive of 21% V.A.T. and are current for 2015. We also accept EURO. (Cash only)

Aerodrome operator: Aeroklub Jičín
Aerodrome category Public domestic aerodrome
RWY: 12/30 1000 x 100 m grass
Jičín RADIO: 118,080 MHz  |  +420 737 013 013
Aerodrome elevation: 263 m / 863 ft AMSL
Location: 1.8 km SW from Jičína
Operational availability: VFR day, parachute jumping operation
Aircraft types: aeroplanes, helicopters, gliders, ultralight aircraft, free balloons, airships
Fuel grades: AVGAS 100LL, Natural 95
Oil grades: TOTAL AERO D100, AEROSHELL 100 mineral
Operational hours: 15 APR - 15 OCT SAT, SUN, HOL 0800 - 1500 otherwise O/R 24 HR in advance
Traffic circuits: RWY 12 right hand / RWY 30 left hand
Traffic circuits altitude: 580m / 1900ft AMSL
Internet availability: WiFi / Cable (Local PC and printer can be used.)
Maps & documents: Maps, Local traffic regulations and restrictions

Local procedures

Traffic circuits:

Traffic circuits

Northern traffic circuits over the city centre of Jičín are determined for the gliders only.

If RWY 30 is in use for departure, all flights should avoid overflying the neighbouring village (Březina).

Aerodrome map:

Aerodrome map